“Deadpool nails it – no not  like that..!  I mean the movie is brilliant and scores a home-run with a committed cast and a strong story that is true to the source material”

The 4th wall breaking, merc with a mouth was expected to do well with the fans, but few thought it was going to do as well as it did – especially with the R/ 18 rating.

Ryan Reynolds shines in this movie, successfully exorcising the demons of Green Lantern past.  As the various trailers show, the movie walks the balance between action and comedy very successfully.  The action sequences are impressively grand – from the motorway chase to the climatic end scenes.

The supporting actors – real and CGI – are well fleshed out, each with their own quirks and ticks.  I’m not a fan of bouncing around timelines, but it seems to work in this movie.

Overall this is a fan favourite that seemed to crack the mainstream audience.  I don’t think it has the same re-watchability as other movies, but it is nonetheless a very enjoyable – if somewhat adult orientated – two hours of entertainment.

Not that much in the way to add in the spoiler part of the review.

The addition of the helicarrier in the end was great – and it does sort of tether it to the MCU – whilst obviously taking pot shots at the existing X-men franchises, with references to “Stewart or McAvoy?” by Deadpool.

I try to balance my personal views by considering a mix of elements when coming up with a rating for a film, based on the following areas:

  • Respect Source:  Does the film respect the source material, if applicable.  Does it reward those who are already invested in the characters and world that the movie represents?
  • IMDB:  The world’s largest collection of movie information, the International Movie Database also allows its users to vote on films.  The addition of this element represents the popular vote – at the point in time when I did the review.
  • Rotten Tomatoes:  RT is well known for offering professional critical review on films and seems the most appropriate way to represent that portion of the viewers.
  • Actors:  Here I try to consider how well the actor plays their part – it’s more about the people bringing the characters to life, rather than the wider story.
  • World: This rating represents the world in which the movie takes place – does it enhance the story, or detract?  Is it consistent, or does it leave big gaps?  It’s all the things happening around the actors.
  • Production:  This element considers the direction, production value, set design, writing, etc – here I try to consider all the technical elements that may or may not be in front of the camera.
  • My Rating:  What does my head and heart say about this movie, as soon as I come out of the movie theatre?  It’s the gut reaction vote.

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