An afternoon with KPMG

Yesterday I had a very good afternoon meeting two of KPMG’s team, working in the High Growth Technology Group, at the The Trampery in London.

KPMG are a giant in the world of corporate audit and finance, with a professional body of over 160,000 skilled practitioners, so having free access to some of their High Growth team seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.  They run regular ‘drop-in’ sessions where they offer advice to startups of all sizes, and at all stages of development through their KPMG TechGrowth initiative.

I was obviously there to talk about MiFile – to run the business model past them, and see how they could help.  It proved very useful as their questions were challenging and their views insightful.  Over the course of about an hour I had the opportunity to test my thinking, the pricing and my objectives around entering the market.

Their feedback was very positive and their suggestions practical and helpful.  “You need to get yourself a good opportunity to test your service – it doesn’t have to be very big, but having a case study makes it much easier to get the service out there,” was the sage advice given.  This isn’t rocket science, but it is great when the same people giving the advice also have access to the very companies and departments that can turn this into a reality.

We concluded the meeting with their offer to introduce me to some of their internal team who could then make the introductions.

I was genuinely impressed.  I think KPMG’s investment in startups is a great way to share big business insight with new companies, and their willingness to share their business networks could be invaluable.  Of course it must also be good business for KPMG to be seen to be working with innovative startups, and being seen to be an introducer of innovation into their existing customer base – however this takes nothing away from the value to the startup.

Of course the proof of the pudding will be in the tasting – let’s see how things develop, and what doors are opened as a result of this first contact with them.

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