£135M EuroMillions

I’ve decided I’m going to win the EuroMillion Lottery this weekend, currently estimated at £135M, however I’ve put in the hard work ahead of time planning on how I’m going to spend that money.  This vanity post covers that scenario.

As this post already demonstrates, I’m about planning, so the first thing I’d set aside is money that I would not spend, but rather put into very secure savings – that would be the first £12M

Next, set aside something to help others – charity.  Set aside £20M for that.

After the sensible and honourable things, come the ‘wants’, starting with an island.  Turtle Island, a small island off Australia will set me back about £4.5M, including a budget to set it up with some basic home comforts.

Turtle Island, AustraliaHaving an island is cool, but having a floating palace is amazing – so the next big spend would be a super yacht, a snip at £15M for a small one that would accommodate 10 people (in addition to the 15 crew).

Super YachtWe’re already an international family, across South Africa, Australia, the US and the UK, so having houses near family is important:

Speaking of the international family, sharing is its own reward and for that I’d set aside £19M for parents and siblings.

The entrepreneurial part of me also wants to see MiFile invested in, so that it can grow (£2.5M) and blossom.  More broadly, I’d set aside a big chunk to invest in startups (£25M) – probably focusing on tech and renewable energy.

Lastly, I’d like to try a social experiment by getting a large plot of land (in Colorado perhaps) and inviting 20 families to start a new style of living that doesn’t have money as the key value or measure of success (£15M).

Any change would be spent on traveling and smaller toys.

So yeah… I’ve given it some thought.  Roll the balls!

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